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Featured Product

  • Low to No Cost Marketing - for most merchants, your share of the sales we generate will cover your costs. You may actually make money while reaching new customers!
  • Feature Email - we'll let our thousands of subscribers know about your product.
  • Likes on Facebook - subscribers are incentivized to like your Facebook page. These connections will increase the likelyhood of purchase, repeat purchase, and brand engagement.
  • Survey Answers - subscribers are incentivized to answer any question you have. Use this question to get valuable customer feedback, product feedback, or website feedback. We've found that 70% of subscribers who enter to win share their thoughts.
  • Blogger Exposure - our bloggers (the V.I.Bees and The HIVE) currently have a combined reach of hundreds of thousands of Facebook fans. They embed HappyFreebie into their blogs allowing their readers to enter to win and buy without ever leaving the safety of a website they trust.
  • Expected Impressions - we'll post your feature to our Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest fans. We're growing quickly and the total number of impressions will depend on the product, but will likely fall between 3,600 to 10,000.
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sponsor ads

  • Homepage Impressions – your ad will be shown on the homepage, above the fold, for a month.
  • Other Impressions – your ad will also be shown on every product page, category page, and various other pages for a month.
  • Ad Traffic - your ad can link to a URL of your choice (subject to approval).
  • Exclusivity – only 5 sponsor ads are sold for a given month.
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  • Product Appeal – the product you wish to feature must appeal to new parents.
  • Giveaway - you must give one product away to a lucky winner.
  • V.I.Bee Review - you must give a product to at least one V.I.Bee for review. This review is posted both on the V.I.Bee's website and on HappyFreebie.
  • Minimum Discount - you must offer our subscribers 40% off while your feature is active.
  • Sales Split - we take a portion of all sales generated on our site.


  • Product Appeal – your company must appeal to new parents